Clean Indie Christmas

After you’ve filled your Kindle with Smashwords sales, you may be interested in Clean Indie Reads.

No smut allowed!

This sale only runs December 26 – January 6.

This sale offers 40 free or discounted books in a variety of genres.  Something for everyone, without the stress of unnecessary indecency. Clean doesn’t mean religious though.  In fact, my clean books have no mention of religion at all.

Some of the authors in this sale have other books that may not be as clean, so if you follow their lists check for their ratings on their own books.  #CR4U #CIR12DaysofChristmasClean Chriastmas.jpg


#WritersPersevere My story

081717 Stack


I commented like crazy yesterday on the Twitter stream. For a bit. I actually found out some interesting bits about myself, and why I wrote some of the books I did.

No knowledge of who my ancestors are, or my place in flow of the land, and sky, did not prevent me from writing. Crosswinds: Past, Present, and Future Combine – my first work – explores this from another point of view.

Surviving severe physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse did not prevent me from writing. Bending the Bars and The Stork Mis-Delivered – Twice is the result of my knowledge, of me, and millions of others.

Severe memory loss and brain damage didn’t make me stop writing.  If anything, it gave me more reason to write.  To bring my memory back.  At least the good parts.  Out of this came – Journey Through Life Lists.

Learning to live gluten free didn’t slow down my writing. In fact, as I learned to cook gluten free, people begged for my recipes. Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook is the result. As is the coming of age novel that accompanies them.

Losing my hearing, and my vision slowed me down. Only because I wanted to be able to continue after all of my vision was gone. There were no guides for an adult to learn how to use a screen reader after using a mouse to control their computer for decades. So, I spent a few years learning, and wrote VoiceOver with the Brailliant Braille Display so I could continue writing. And after the latest OSX update – I had to turn to it to find out why my braille display wasn’t working right!

Somewhere, lost in the depths of time, I wanted to see more science in novels. So I started the Trails series. Still hope to finish the last pair.

I tend to write in pairs. #writerspersevere

I want to write Karma’s Children to describe the millions of stories when adults have smacked down my needs. Don’t have a baby and female – Not qualified to work a job, give it to man, or a woman with someone to support. Don’t have a car, and not willing to drive an hour each way? You aren’t serious about working a job. That novel will be fun.

And it’s pair will cover even more scary features.

Then, there are the short stories I am trying to finish up. Only, I keep having more ideas for short stories.

And the two novellas I want to write.

Deafblind, and doing fine, most of the time. Difficulty walking, talking, and doing many daily things. Yet, I too am a #writerspersevere person.


Women’s History Month – Harriet Quimby

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Harriet Qumiby (1875 – 1912) was a woman who wasn’t afraid to try new things.  She pioneered many paths for women.  She was a writer, a critic, listed herself as an actress, and worked as a photojournalist.
These activities kept her on the forefront of the news of the times.  She was able to follow and join in many exciting opportunities that presented themselves.
In 1910, she interviewed a pilot, and discovered that she wanted to fly.  She was the first licensed female pilot in the US.  Only one other woman in the world had received her license at that time.
Flying was a rather new opportunity for anyone.  In fact, to increase awareness of flying, many pilots put on fancy shows to demonstrate their skills.  She was no exception.  At least there, on dancing on the tip of a plane wing, she was allowed to wear pants rather than a dress, which would have ended up wrapped around her face, and possibly caught in the wings, causing a crash.
Her biggest glory was eclipsed by the sinking of the Titanic.  The was the first solo flight by a woman across the English Channel.
Less than three months later, on June 1, 1902, she and her passenger were killed during an air show.  Her work was considered an inspiration for other female pilots of the time including Amelia Earhart whose plane was lost during a flight around the world in 1937.

Women’s History Month – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811 – 1896) was another young who faced tragedy early, and received an education not representative of the time of her childhood.  Her other died when she was young.  A step mother and three step children soon joined the family.  Her father allowed his daughters to study the arts as was expected of young women at the time.  However, in addition, he expected them to study the more classical style books that her brothers learned from.
She is a famous writer, and changed much of the world as we know it through her portrayal of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  This look at how slavery, and an attempt to escape it tore apart individuals, and families has stood the test of time.  It is relevant today, as any social ill can be recognized as tearing both the individual and the family apart.  That river.  The river of hope that leads between the past, the brutal past, and the future, the one of dreams.
She wrote before and after the Civil War.  After the Civil War, her family bought a winter home in Florida.  Not like today’s snowbirds.  While they may have taken a day of rest, they spent most of there time there teaching the former slaves and their children so that they could become a part of the local economies.
Her siblings also played similar roles in history.  Her brothers went into the church to reach as many people as possible.  Her sister Catherine, was another author and teacher.  Her sister, Isabella, helped in many of the women’s right movements.  A full family of hope for equality for all.

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