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Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook

Cooking is something I really enjoy. I learned rather late how to cook. Then, I started working too many hours to cook, and forgot most of what I knew. I remember cooking for crowds, big breakfasts, and all kinds of gooey sweet gluten filled gatherings.

All gone now.

I have been gluten and lactose free since 2005. My life, health, and outlook have greatly improved.
Gluten free people can still eat.

We eat meat and vegetables.

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook began at the request of several friends who admired my attempt to regain long lost cooking skills after learning to live gluten free. It has progressed beyond a simply gluten and lactose free. At the request of early readers, it includes accessibility for a multitude of allergies, and life situations.

Hand and body dexterity are not always conducive to cooking and kitchen maintenance. Accessibility tips are included with each recipe.

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to forget how long a recipe takes to prepare. Each recipe has a pre-preparation time, as well as a preparation, and cook time. Along with space to add notes specific to the cook’s needs and equipment.

Low vision also affects cooks. Many people with limited vision may never have cooked before recent technological innovations. Tips and techniques are provided, as well as room to add needed accessibility equipment.

People who have a myriad of health issues should feel comfortable fixing the comfort foods they grew up on, even if it means new techniques, or flours, for doing so.

This cookbook is intended for both the cook who has these ailments, and the family, or friend, who may cook a meal for them. A grandmother can circle all the allergies her grandchildren have, and label them by name, so she knows what to avoid in each dish, for each individual grandchild.

Available recipes include strawberry pudding cake, pizza, mushroom smothered steak, ground beef burger and noodles, grilled sweet potatoes, and vegetable casserole.

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Another aspect of this cookbook – It is geared to people of all ages, who may, or may not have any experience in a kitchen. Meals are simple and affordable, without exotic ingredients.
Affordable, healthy cooking for healthy adults, regardless of vision or memory capabilities.
There will be tricks and tips for those who work, and want to cook once a week.

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Cookbook:

Publication Date: 11/1/14

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