Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel

Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free: The Novel - Learning to Live Gluten Free

Learning to live gluten free isn’t easy in a world that keeps gluten at their fingertips day in and day out. Gluten is everywhere we turn. In food, on food, in plastic gloves, between plastic bags, stamps, envelopes, and more than anyone every dreamed of.
Tammy had been raised since a toddler safe on a farm without access to gluten. Her mother and Erin kept gluten away, knowing the dangers. At age eighteen, Tammy wanted to leave the farm. Her first job immersed her in a gluten filled environment handling fried chicken for six hours a day.
Erin watched not so calmly from the only home she could remember. The place where the family grew their own vegetables and meat, to safely avoid gluten in all their foods.
When Tammy showed signs of gluten poisoning, Erin had to step forward again to save them both. To find a hope and a future together, in a world where people would never understand them. They unearth forgotten family secrets, and cement the ties that bind them.
Society isn’t ready for them. They couldn’t join in a potluck at work, or other events. Too much risk of gluten. Even using a communal microwave could give them gluten. They’d have to avoid simple activities that no one would think of, where flour, gluten, pasta, or bread were common ingredients.
Together, they’d find a way to forge a future without gluten in a world bent on adding it into every known substance.

Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Alluded to, and light.
Sex: None. Genetics and Abortion alluded to. Also, stillborn horse.
Violence: Light. Anger, PTSD, car crash.

POV Characters: Tammy, Erin (Alden and Mr. Collins are also vocal)
Regular Print: 325 pages
Large Print: 396 pages

Published April 2015

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