The Novel

Lighter Coffee, Tea, and Gluten Free

Sunshine and horses were all Tammy dreamed of. Her first paid summer spent training the horses at Mare Valley with her best friend is lost when her best friend forbade her interaction with the foal that survived. Her older sister takes her to college to work for the summer, and instead, she suffers a serious set of complications from a diet and workplace high in gluten.
Her best friend does not believe her new lifestyle is necessary. Due to her own issues, she takes out revenge on the loss of her mare against the stallion who bred her. In so doing, Tammy’s best friend dies, and her older sister’s best friend is severely injured.
Erin watches the young adult she has helped raise, and all the losses of her 18th summer. She unexpectedly feels lost and adrift without a purpose in the only home she remembers. The family secret her father shares on his first visit in 18 years is more than she can bear alone. At least, she is no longer alone. Now, she has three sisters, instead of none.
Together, Tammy and Erin must unearth forgotten family secrets, and cement the ties that will bind them as sisters while building a future for all of them.
Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Alluded to, and light.
Sex: None. Genetics and Abortion alluded to. Also, stillborn horse.
Violence: Light. Anger, PTSD, car crash.

POV Characters: Tammy, Erin (Alden and Mr. Collins are also vocal)

Publication date: May 2015

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