Life After Life: Three Paranormal Short Stories

Life After Life: Three Paranormal Short Stories

Life After Life: Three Paranormal Short Stories

Molly’s Second Chance – Jill, a mother with young twins meets Molly, a small dog. Only, Molly isn’t who she seems to be.

Soul Bubbles – Kay joins Anna at the Soul Home to be chosen by a soul as a new mother. Anna doesn’t properly care for her soul’s egg incubation, leading Kay to return to the Soul Home to communicate with all the souls behind the wall to discover the truth as to why children are born this way. Will Anna’s soul baby be born and forgive her?

Till Death Do Us Join – Justy’s death isn’t the end of his communication with the living. He becomes a guardian, to help his client’s survive. Only, he focuses mostly on Roza, his young love. Sometimes, his wishes to protect her maims or kills others. Other clients are occasionally forgotten, and die when he rescues her. One day, she begs to join him. Will she forgive him for his mistakes?

Author’s Note

Molly’s Second Chance – a short children’s ghost story. Appropriate for any age.

Soul Bubbles – Souls choose the family they wish to be born to. They then develop in clear egg incubators until ready to be born as infants. Appropriate for most children.

Till Death Do Us Join – A ten-year-old boy dies, and becomes the guardian angel for the young girl he loved. He watches her, and his other clients, until she is ready to join him. No mention of religion in the story. Appropriate for most children.

Rating: PG.
Profanity: None.
Romance: None.
Sex: None.
Violence: None.

Keywords and categories: Ghost story. Souls.