Journey Through Life Lists

Journey Through Life Lists

Journey Through Life Lists

Genre: Time Management
SubGenre: Stress Management, Memory, Life Stages

Obligations including employment, family, friends, health, and bills keep the mind and body busy. Sometimes, too busy to remember the facts of time and place. This book of lists will decrease you stress, while assisting your memory, and enabling time management.

Life changes in a hurry. Keeping up with the changes takes time and effort. Many people have turned to online calendars. Which are great. When the internet is up and running. Or, the power is on. This book of lists makes a useful backup. The forms can be printed, filled in, and filed in a water and fireproof safe for future needs. Others you may need on a daily basis.

The journey begins with education, employment, volunteering, and publishing history. All are aspects of daily life that may be vital as your journey continues through daily twists and turns. However, they are easily forgotten. The journey wonders on through financial commitments, and into home and vehicle care.

The next two segments are really the most important to the individual: self care, and family and friends. Meal pantry planners help you make your home and family life easier.

Our technology oriented life leads us to need to keep up with computers, electronics, batteries needed, and warranty paperwork. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Your health matters more than ever. Your health history will make doctor visits easier. There is even a food diary included. Don’t neglect travel to rest the weary brain from the stresses of responsibilities. Travel lists make light work of planning and preparing to relax.

Often, looking back over your achievements will encourage your memory development and retention. From jobs you’ve held, to awards you’ve won. You’ve done more in your life than you realize. Help yourself remember it.

Keep your notes for the days you need them most. A scrapbook of your daily life.

Journeying through daily obligations can make life appear to race past so fast, that an event that seemed to happen days ago, really occurred years ago. Keep track of the past with lists of vital information to pave your way through the future.

New Beginnings
Home and Vehicle
Self Care
Family and Friends
Meals and Pantry
Computers and Electronics
Warranty Paperwork
Health Care
Food Diary

Authors Note:
Rating: G
Profanity: None.
Romance None.
Sex: None.
Violence: None.
Published Date: May 1, 2016

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