Inspirational Authors – Jean M. Auel

1936 – Current

Jean M. Auel is inspirational in so many ways.  She has taken history, pre-history, and science and created a world map that explores cultures in ways few other writers would even consider.  Like a few other writers, she was top of the field in science studies.  She made sure her theories were sound.  In fact, many were later proven correct.  Her studies of social science and political science were no less through.

Her novels trace Ayla as she leaves the first family she has ever known.  Here, in The Clan of the Cave Bear, she has fought against the sexual abuse that was condoned by the community.  They thought it a normal way to live.

In many ways, we have families, and whole communities that are much the same, even today.  Women in power positions of power often tell those they assume are younger them to dress and provoke sexual assault by males if they want a job, or job advancement. They don’t even realize what they are doing.

As Ayla moves through the many communities, and religions she learns new things, and yet falls back into that trap of the little girl who must do as she is told.  Even in the last book, The Land of the Painted Caves, she does things she regrets due to what she suffered as  a child.

Jean M. Auel inspired my writing in many ways.  While writing Trails 3 and 4, I spent two days searching on the internet for the correct way the ancients made beef jerky.  How many days did it take?  It seemed, the answer was not available.  The closest thing to an answer was that the FDA had determined it was an unsafe curing method.  So, I re-read the then available five novel series to find the answer, in book 2, I think.  Some of her aspects of the journey, travel on foot, grasslands, pack animals, new to horseback riding, and other such journey notes made into Trails 3 – 6.  As did more coverage of social systems, social justice, and family matters.