Trails Series

Each novel will be stand alone. However, they do build upon each other.


Pair 1, Book 1: “Trails Through the Fault Lines”
Time: Modern
POV characters: Amber and Alex
Publication date: August 2014.

A few large quakes in unexpected places.  A few more around the world.  Scientists try to pinpoint their origins.
Amber’s seismologist mom is called to assist the specialists gathered in New Mexico. Amber goes as always, thinking she’ll finish her final high school exams from the field.
Alex’s father, an expert volcanologist, cannot make the trip from Kilauea.  He is needed there. Even if he can no longer hike the shifting lava fields.  Alex, trained by his father, joins Amber in New Mexico.
Right in the center of the one place they don’t want to be.  Surrounded by military bases, and buried weapons, amidst the remains of a long slumbering volcanic plain.
It slumbers no longer.  Fumeroles develop along the lava field borders. Earthquakes grow in number and intensity around the world.  The formerly flowing Rio Grande is dammed, and the rift widens.  Roads shatter.  Families are split by those who stay, and those who evacuated.  Plates shift.  Yellowstone awakens.  The new Rio Sea begins to fill.


Pair 1, Book 2: “Trails Through the Volcano”
Time: Modern, 1 month later
POV characters: Amber, Alex, Livia, Corbo
Publication date: February 2015.

Communication has been cut off.  There is no power, phone service, with little gas reserved for military missions. Most people have been evacuated to the north.  Amber and Alex are expected to continue to survey the damage, and make sure those who remained behind are safe.  Yellowstone’s impending rupture will lead to an impending year-long winter, and global cooling for a generation, or more.  Without seeds, farming techniques, and other life skills long forgotten, those who remain won’t survive the coming year. Along the way, they meet desperate men, and rescue three small children.
Livia and Corbo have a mission of their own in Arizona.  Corbo’s birth father is missing.  His fate unknown.  Without power, or gas, they have to try to find him.  Other’s needs get in the way.  Including a stop at nuclear power plant to be sure it is safely deactivated.  And rescuing zoo animals.  Everyone thought Arizona would be forever safe from earthquakes, volcanoes, and shifting water tables.  Only, they aren’t.  Together, they must build a future in a tangled environment of fear and desolation.


Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales

Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales

Pair 2, Book 1: “Trails Through the Tales”
Time: 200 years in the future
POV Characters: Tanna and Zella
Publication date: August 2015.

Descendants of Amber, Tanna and her mother, Zella, are garbage miners who each end up embroiled in their own fight for survival when one of the villas they trade with regularly begins acting strangely. Blake, the Webbel leader, has cut off access to the west of the mines, and only allows digging to occur two weeks of the year. The men of his village are abusing the women, locking them in pits. Zella has to try to heal the mental anguish of those who suffered at the hands and words of Blake. As a spiritual leader, she thought she wanted her daughter to assume leadership responsibilities soon. Not this way, though.
Tanna’s struggles to assume leadership roles surprise even her, as she never wanted to be a leader. She’d rather be a traveler, and a wanderer, to see villas she never dreamed of. Instead, she fights to save those in the villas who have not gone to the summer meet, and protects Rusty and her younger brother Henry. During the battle to save one villa, she is faced with her fear of Blake’s son, her own age, whose intentions prove dangerous for the women who remained at home.

Trails 4: Trails Through the Garbage Mines

Trails 4: Trails Through the Garbage Mines

Pair 2, Book 2: “Trails Through the Garbage Mines”
Time: 210 years in the future
POV characters: Ambrena, Rusty, and Corandra
Publication date: February 2016.

Descendants of Amber, Rusty, Ambrena, and Corandra are faced with the end of mining garbage pits. Corandra, the youngest, digs up a box that causes an illness to spread through the villa. One child dies, and others are deathly ill. Eventually, she blames herself and runs away. When she returns, Rusty and Ambrena have left, and been captured by a pair of desperate men who need miners to mine a garbage pit for glass and metal to repair boats and rescue their families.
Corandra follows after with Henry as her companion. He is captured by another band of people unknown to their community. She is torn between rescuing the Rusty and Ambrena, the closest to sisters she has ever known, and Henry, the one she has verbal battles with almost daily. She feels the fate of her villa rests on her choices and mistakes.
Meanwhile, Rusty and Ambrena have overpowered their captors. Still in search of the missing villa Corandra’s mother, and Zella’s brother went to many years before they discover remnants of ancient technology. Their hope is to find a cure for the illness. And now, added security incase the families of their captors return, ready for battle. Nearby the empty glass and metal mine in a tiny lodge is a working computer that speaks to them. They hear of boats, windmills, glass greenhouses, and even a weak telescope.
Some ancient technology survived in unknown surrounding communities, and they intend to learn all they can about it.

Pair 3, Book 1: “Trails Through the Sludge”
Time: 500 years in the future
Anticipated publication date: August 2017.

Descendants of Livia and Corbo are faced with nuclear waste escaping cooling ponds, and lack the technology to repair them. Two groups of scientists prepare for the worst. One focuses on preventing as much ecological damage as possible, while the other attempts to figure out time travel to prevent the catastrophe from occurring. Along the way, they find “something”? that allow them to see events of the past as if they were watching their computer screens. While it’s fun to see long extinct animals, and their ancestors (scenes from previous books), they realize what they are seeing isn’t always exactly what their history disks say happened.

Pair 3, Book 2: “Trails Through Time”
Time: 500 years in the future, and 500 years before modern day
Anticipated publication date: February 2018.

Descendants of Livia and Corbo agree to send someone back into to the past to prevent nuclear technology from developing. A family finds a timeline to interrupt. Thinking they have accomplished their mission, they intend to live out their lives knowing nuclear technology won’t develop. Instead, their prevention allowed a greater evil to develop, increasing the chances of nuclear destruction occurring in their new lifetime. They make a pact to travel back and forth through time turning people’s thoughts away from dangerous power sources.