Trails Series

Each novel will be stand alone. However, they do build upon each other.


Trails1: Trails Through the Fault Lines

Pair 1, Book 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines
Time: Modern
POV characters: Amber and Alex

Amber, a trained seismologist, looks forward to a high school dance, and a summer internship with her mother. Neither occur. She, along with her mother, and other specialists race to determine the cause of a series of unexpected large quakes on unknown, and unsuspected faults in New Mexico.

Alex, a trained volcanologist, dreams of a life away from Kilauea. His first chance to walk on a volcano that hasn’t towered over his life under his father’s professorship. Except. He didn’t expect a volcano to stir to life under his feet in the often forgotten volcanic plains of New Mexico.

Fumeroles emerge as the young specialists race to set up monitoring equipment in places no one thought it would be needed. With the help of their guide, they struggle through the quakes that begin a split in both the continent and society.

A large quake dams the formerly flowing Rio Grande. Amber and Alex beg the military to inform the people so they can evacuate. The military refuses. They set up road blocks, and curfews to maintain order.

Amber and Alex go to the heart of the one place they don’t want to be. The gated volcanic plain on a military base. What they discover cannot be held back from the communities.

Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Light, Alluded to.
Sex: None.
Violence: Natural Disaster
Length: 323 pages 83,700 words



Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano

Pair 1, Book 2: Trails Through the Volcano
Time: Modern, 1 month later
POV characters: Amber, Alex, Livia, Corbo

Communication has been cut off. No electricity. No phone service. Fuel is reserved for military missions.

Most people evacuated to the north.

Amber and Alex continue to survey the damage, and make sure those who remained behind are safe.

People died without air conditioning to cool their homes. Or medicines they depended on to control life threatening illnesses. Two children who live with their grandmother are rescued from starvation. Another infant born to a woman who dies in childbirth. A death that is no longer preventable.

Desperate men roam the streets of the towns where most have evacuated. Communities melt as the walls betweens human population groups rise again.

Men, women, and cultures clash as if they had never learned to live together in peace.

Livia and Corbo have a mission of their own in Arizona. Corbo is in a race to find his birth father, whom he has never met. His fate unknown. Without electricity, or fuel, they have to try to find him.

The military’s needs get in the way. Including a stop at a nuclear power plant to verify it is safely deactivated.

Livia releases zoo animals. They have a better chance of survival on the plains of Arizona, than locked in cages to die of starvation and dehydration.

Everyone thought Arizona would be forever safe from earthquakes, volcanoes, and shifting water tables.

Only, they aren’t.

Yellowstone’s impending rupture will lead to a year-long winter, and global cooling for a generation, or more. Without seeds, farming techniques, and other life skills long forgotten, those who remain won’t survive the coming year.

Together, the survivors must build a future in a tangled environment of fear, hunger, cold, and desolation.

Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: Alluded to.
Romance: Light.
Sex: Alluded to.
Violence: Natural disaster
Length: 313 pages 81,940 words


Trails 3: Trails Through the Tales

Pair 2, Book 1: Trails Through the Tales
Time: 200 years in the future
POV Characters: Tanna and Zella

Klapit mine has been in operation for generations. Sifted and sorted too many times. Only a few days a year is it mined anymore. Barely fragments, tiny scraps former dig leaders tossed aside, are all that remain.

Dig leaders were once the decision makers in the community. Zella longs for those days when her choices were valued, rather than forgotten. She has slipped to the edge of her villa, with her daughter Tanna. She hopes Tanna will bring the dig leaders back into their coveted community position.

Instead, she and Tanna must both fight an evil so great, it only exists in campfire tales. One they both thought was long forgotten and would never return to disturb the peace of their villas.

Will Zella manage to save herself, and the rest of the community leaders? Will Tanna come through her trials unscathed? Or will the community become damaged as in the tales of their ancestors?

Rating: R.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Light, Alluded to.
Sex: Off the page. Acknowledged. Violent acts acknowledged as well.
Violence: Earthquakes. Male violence against women and society. Very much a slow moving war.
Length: 80,000 words


Trails 4: Trails Through the Garrbage Mines

Pair 2, Book 2: Trails Through the Garbage Mines
Time: 210 years in the future
POV characters: Ambrena, Rusty, and Corandra

The new mine at Shells is almost empty. Rusty worries her life skill is at an end. She has no other interest than being the dig leader following Zella.
Ambrena feels threatened that her life skill will be less valued as Tanna’s daughters grow up. Every mistake is magnified as if it were life threatening.

Corandra feels abandoned by her older friends, Ambrena and Rusty, as they embrace their life skills. The only person who notices her anymore is her verbal sparring partner, Henry. Or so she thinks.

When the illness comes and takes the young life of Zande, Rusty is devastated. Ambrena blames herself. Though no one knew how to prevent the illness in the red box Corandra and Zande dug out of the broken rock.
Corandra blames herself and flees the villa.

While she is gone, Ambrena and Rusty are sent on a quest to find a cure for the illness. Along the way, they find a greater threat on the doorstep of the community of villas.

Will Corandra forgive herself? Will she allow others to forgive her for the damage her ancestors committed? When she has to choose between saving Ambrena and Rusty, or saving Henry, how will she decide? What will that decision mean to the future of the Pit Miners?

Will Ambrena and Rusty find the cure they so desperately seek? Is it even what they think it is? Will the battle in the Grass Sea lead to peace, or the forgotten specter of war?

Author’s Note:

Rating: R.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Light, Alluded to.
Sex: Acknowledged. Violent acts acknowledged as well.
Violence: Threat of violence. Fear of violence.

POV Characters: Ambrena, Rusty, Corandra
Length: 81,500 words


Pair 3, Book 1: “Trails Through the Sludge”
Time: 500 years in the future
Anticipated publication date: August 2017.

Descendants of Livia and Corbo are faced with nuclear waste escaping cooling ponds, and lack the technology to repair them. Two groups of scientists prepare for the worst. One focuses on preventing as much ecological damage as possible, while the other attempts to figure out time travel to prevent the catastrophe from occurring. Along the way, they find “something”? that allow them to see events of the past as if they were watching their computer screens. While it’s fun to see long extinct animals, and their ancestors (scenes from previous books), they realize what they are seeing isn’t always exactly what their history disks say happened.



Pair 3, Book 2: “Trails Through Time”
Time: 500 years in the future, and 500 years before modern day
Anticipated publication date: February 2018.

Descendants of Livia and Corbo agree to send someone back into to the past to prevent nuclear technology from developing. A family finds a timeline to interrupt. Thinking they have accomplished their mission, they intend to live out their lives knowing nuclear technology won’t develop. Instead, their prevention allowed a greater evil to develop, increasing the chances of nuclear destruction occurring in their new lifetime. They make a pact to travel back and forth through time turning people’s thoughts away from dangerous power sources.