Trails 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines

Trails1: Trails Through the Fault Lines

Pair 1, Book 1: Trails Through the Fault Lines
Time: Modern
POV characters: Amber and Alex

Amber, a trained seismologist, looks forward to a high school dance, and a summer internship with her mother. Neither occur. She, along with her mother, and other specialists race to determine the cause of a series of unexpected large quakes on unknown, and unsuspected faults in New Mexico.
Alex, a trained volcanologist, dreams of a life away from Kilauea. His first chance to walk on a volcano that hasn’t towered over his life under his father’s professorship. Except. He didn’t expect a volcano to stir to life under his feet in the often forgotten volcanic plains of New Mexico.

Fumeroles emerge as the young specialists race to set up monitoring equipment in places no one thought it would be needed. With the help of their guide, they struggle through the quakes that begin a split in both the continent and society.

A large quake dams the formerly flowing Rio Grande. Amber and Alex beg the military to inform the people so they can evacuate. The military refuses. They set up road blocks, and curfews to maintain order.
Amber and Alex go to the heart of the one place they don’t want to be. The gated volcanic plain on a military base. What they discover cannot be held back from the communities.

Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Light, Alluded to.
Sex: None.
Violence: Natural Disaster

Length: 323 pages 83,700 words

Publication date: August 2014.

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