Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano

Trails 2: Trails Through the Volcano

Pair 1, Book 2: Trails Through the Volcano
Time: Modern, 1 month later
POV characters: Amber, Alex, Livia, Corbo

Communication has been cut off. No electricity. No phone service. Fuel is reserved for military missions.

Most people evacuated to the north.

Amber and Alex continue to survey the damage, and make sure those who remained behind are safe.

People died without air conditioning to cool their homes. Or medicines they depended on to control life threatening illnesses. Two children who live with their grandmother are rescued from starvation. Another infant born to a woman who dies in childbirth. A death that is no longer preventable.

Desperate men roam the streets of the towns where most have evacuated. Communities melt as the walls betweens human population groups rise again. Men, women, and cultures clash as if they had never learned to live together in peace.

Livia and Corbo have a mission of their own in Arizona. Corbo is in a race to find his birth father, whom he has never met. His fate unknown. Without electricity, or fuel, they have to try to find him.

The military’s needs get in the way. Including a stop at a nuclear power plant to verify it is safely deactivated.

Livia releases zoo animals. They have a better chance of survival on the plains of Arizona, than locked in cages to die of starvation and dehydration.

Everyone thought Arizona would be forever safe from earthquakes, volcanoes, and shifting water tables.

Only, they aren’t.

Yellowstone’s impending rupture will lead to a year-long winter, and global cooling for a generation, or more. Without seeds, farming techniques, and other life skills long forgotten, those who remain won’t survive the coming year.

Together, the survivors must build a future in a tangled environment of fear, hunger, cold, and desolation.

Author’s Note:
Rating: PG 13.
Profanity: Alluded to.
Romance: Light.
Sex: Alluded to.
Violence: Natural disaster

POV Characters: Alex, Amber, Corbo, Livia
Length: 313 pages 81,940 words

Published January 2015

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