Trails 4: Trails Through the Garbage Mines

Trails 4: Trails Through the Garrbage Mines

Pair 2, Book 2: Trails Through the Garbage Mines
Time: 210 years in the future
POV characters: Ambrena, Rusty, and Corandra

The new mine at Shells is almost empty. Rusty worries her life skill is at an end. She has no other interest than being the dig leader following Zella.
Ambrena feels threatened that her life skill will be less valued as Tanna’s daughters grow up. Every mistake is magnified as if it were life threatening.
Corandra feels abandoned by her older friends, Ambrena and Rusty, as they embrace their life skills. The only person who notices her anymore is her verbal sparring partner, Henry. Or so she thinks.
When the illness comes and takes the young life of Zande, Rusty is devastated. Ambrena blames herself. Though no one knew how to prevent the illness in the red box Corandra and Zande dug out of the broken rock.
Corandra blames herself and flees the villa.
While she is gone, Ambrena and Rusty are sent on a quest to find a cure for the illness. Along the way, they find a greater threat on the doorstep of the community of villas.
Will Corandra forgive herself? Will she allow others to forgive her for the damage her ancestors committed? When she has to choose between saving Ambrena and Rusty, or saving Henry, how will she decide? What will that decision mean to the future of the Pit Miners?
Will Ambrena and Rusty find the cure they so desperately seek? Is it even what they think it is? Will the battle in the Grass Sea lead to peace, or the forgotten specter of war?

Author’s Note:

Rating: R.
Profanity: None.
Romance: Light, Alluded to.
Sex: Acknowledged. Violent acts acknowledged as well.
Violence: Threat of violence. Fear of violence.
Length: 81,500 words

Publication date: February 2016.

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